Working smart and

focusing on efficiency

We love working with companies who are growing, Our goal is to deliver efficiency and quality recruiting services that allow companies to scale

Michael Doran

Co-Founder and CEO

Tim Santangelo

Co-Founder and Director of Services Operations

Emily Doran

Co-Founder and Director of Recruiting Operations

Cristian re

Co-Founder and Lead Engineer

Jaime Johnson

Talent Specialist

Juan Carlos Mejias

Talent Specialist

Mabel Acune

Talent Specialist

Gustavo Enrique Mujica Calderón

Talent Specialist

Daniela Reina

Visual Designer

Martin Fernandez

Senior Engineer

javier gradiche

Senior Engineer

Why a Revolution?

Overworked recruiters need an affordable, and flexible platform for their sourcing and Project Management needs. One they can carry with them throughout their career.

Scaling companies need flexible solutions for talent sourcing that they can turn on and off as needed.

We are experienced recruiters who have filled roles at companies ranging from high growth startups to Google and Dropbox.

We have seen that companies need innovative solutions, and the ability to get more value for their recruiting dollar.

Recruiting operations at the top of the funnel is one of the most challenging aspects of recruiting for growing companies.

By building your engagement strategy with our team and dialing in with your assigned Account Manager we can get to work behind the scenes developing your relationship with the talent your company needs.

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