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in recruiting

The only recruiting platform built by seasoned recruiters

Let our team drive the top

of your talent funnel

A complete recruiting service platform

Working with TeamSourced eliminates per hire recruiting fees while delivering pipelines of qualified candidates to your team quickly.

Our team handles everything from initial identification to outreach and engagement. We specialize in diversity recruiting and working on your most challenging searches!

Our delegated sending feature gives you the best personalized outreach, while delivering better long term network effects.

We built our platform with a focus on delivering the data and analytics you need through easy to view reporting and dashboards

ATS Integrations

We work easily with Greenhouse and Lever currently and have direct integrations coming with both platforms later this year

Data and Analytics

Our dashboard focuses on delivering real time data on our efforts

QA Backed processes

We have multiple QA touch points ensuring high quality personalized messaging is going out to on target candidates

My favorite feature of the TeamSourced platform is their delegated sending. Using it enabled them to engage talent as our team and allowed us to make a hire a year after they contacted a candidate for us. The long term network effects are amazing.

Jerry Ting

Founder and CEO of Evisort

TeamSourced have been invaluable in building out our recruiting function, consulting with us every step of the way. Most importantly, they helped us build and install a talent evaluation and development framework that will be the basis for building a world class team for years to come.

Eric Gross

CEO and Co-founder at Minno

TeamSourced was in place when I started leading talent operations at Bolt and had done a great job of building out a lot of the initial process in place. They were great partners as Bolt began to scale up to hiring over 200 people in a short period of time.

Nate Pulley

Head of Talent Operations for Bolt

Experts in recruiting, sourcing, and messaging

fully committed to providing world class services

while also training a new generation of recruiters

Become part of

the revolution

Real-time Analytics

Results within a week

Focused Diversity Sourcing

ATS Compatible with Lever and Greenhouse

Trained Teams of Specialists

Chrome Extension

Personalized Messaging

Pay Monthly

Extended services available

Long Term Network Effects



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